Philipp's 360 degree feedback

Below you find my full 360 degree feedback from autumn 2019. Both the 2nd and the 3rd person sentences refer to me.

The Good

You are valued by the team for your “drive” on keeping things focused while - at the same time - managing your team in a way that they feel enabled and in the loop. You are seen as a person who is easy to approach and willing to talk things through in detail.

Pragmatism & Focus






To Improve

There are downsides to your strength that seem to directly contribute to your shortcomings. While keeping things focused and pragmatic, you sacrifice.

Communication & Respect

Sharing/Caring outside of FE team

Be more Confrontative / Decisive


MVP Mindset

Become an Ambassador for “make it work then make it perfect”

Some Quotes from Team Members

“Overall, it’s fun to work with him. And for the amount of years of experience he’s very good and brings always good inputs to the table.” “It’s really nice working with Philipp. I feel motivated. He takes care of the whole team and appreciates things. Overall he brings energy to the team.” “I like working with him because he is doing his best to remove obstacles to enable people to do their best work.” “It’s important he talks about problems and mentions what can be done better. This helps us a lot. His help is very much needed and I’m thankful for that.” “He has a nice smile.”