Read: Why I’m Over GraphQL

This blog post has made the rounds, and I agree.

These are the general qualms I have with GraphQL:

Nowadays there’s other technical solutions to document and enforce an API contract.

My experience with GraphQL for the past 4 years has actually been working with the Hasura GraphQL server. That project solves some of the issues described in the blog post linked above. It can be used as a “poor man’s backend” system too. It’s also of the rare bread of rock-solid, well-documented tools. Kudos to that team! But of course Hasura comes with its own caveats. It gave me pause when Hasura’s community call used the tag line “Is GraphQL dead?” while hinting at auto-generated REST endpoints…


  1. Unless you poor soul live in a team where the first action of someone was to npm install axios out of old habit. Dude, fetch has been ready for years now…